Women can’t become ‘menteri besar’ (chief minister)

Hamidah Osman, one of Perak BN senior exco members said, women can’t become ‘menteri besar’ (chief minister) a few days ago.

I know this issue  is a-few-days-ago topic but also a hot topic, discussed by all kind of people with different opinions. But first of all, if we put our gender as the wall or limiter to our opinion, then that’s what I called as chauvinist.

If you’re a man, you’ll agree that woman can’t become menteri besar, and if you’re a woman, you won’t agree to it. It’s common and normal. But, worse than that, many people are being blinded by the brand of their own parties. If the statement was said by UMNO people, people from Pakatan won’t even agree to it and vice versa.

Come on, people!

Yeah, I know that different people have different opinions and justifications. But lets see from different point of view. Different from parties’ pov. The statement ‘women can’t become menteri besar’ recently was heard from Hamidah Osman’s mouth and people see her as someone from UMNO. But here I am quite surprised when I read a different opinion from Pakatan’s side, especially PAS and PKR. Maybe not all of them, but most of the opinions I heard.

Why the Perak exco said that? Did she just say that because of her gender? Or because she just wanted an issue to gain fame? I may not know her but if these were her objectives, she should and would choose other ‘easy’ issue. This issue is seen as ‘digging her own grave’ issue, so why would she do that?

Even in Islam, there’s a quote from al-Quran saying that women can’t become a leader.

“Kaum lelaki itu adalah pemimpin bagi kaum wanita, oleh kerana Allah telah melebihkan sebahagian mereka (lelaki) atas sebahagian yang lain (wanita), dan kerana mereka (lelaki) telah menafkahkan sebagian dari harta mereka” (An-Nisa’: 34)


“Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women).” (An-Nisa’: 34)

Women by nature is a soft-hearted creature, that’s why women are the mothers, rather than the men. Women tend to use feelings and emotions as guideline to judge something, rather than rational. Don’t believe what I say, see for yourself! That’s why I agree to the Perak exco’s statement, women can’t become a menteri besar. Further more, if a woman is entitled to menteri besar, how about her family? Her husband will become ‘househusband’ ah? So we should exchange the role between the genders in work sector nowadays? Women should work as construction workers and men should work as maid?

Back to the statement. So, when this statement is seen as ‘digging her own grave’, people who only interpret this statement as a political issue, will laugh off and condemn her. Those people can never govern/become a leader to a group of people, far from a leader to a state/country.

Why? Just because a person has different opinion, they will never accept it. Further more, they belittle him/her and don’t even try to find the positive values behind the opinion. A good leader should never do that. So, well done to Hamidah Osman! You’re trying to uphold the truth even though people try to stab you with knives. Truth is bitter, but whoever hold to it will forever be a winner.

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