Enjoy Soulful Vocals at Legend Hotel

Feel Reborn with Some Smooth Music and Soulful Vocals

Date     :     Nov 1 – Dec 31, 2009
Venue     :     The Monkey Bar
The Legend Hotel Kuala Lumpur 100 Jalan Putra Putra Place Kuala Lumpur
Organiser     :     The Legend Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Contact     :     The Monkey Bar
Phone     :     +6 03 4042 9888 (ext 1027)
Email     :     fb@legendsgroup.com
Category     :     Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Reborn at The Legend Hotel’s The Monkey Bar

Reborn at The Legend Hotel’s The Monkey Bar

Chill out and let your hair down at The Legend Hotel’s The Monkey Bar with their new in-house band, Reborn. Catch them live from 9PM onwards nightly except Sundays, until end December 2009.

A quintet all-girls band, Reborn has since performed in clubs and hotel lounges locally and abroad, such as Radisson Hotel, Dhaka and Shine Bar at The Asian Heritage Row before settling down at The Monkey Bar.

Headed by Keyboardist Jhack and vocalists Heidy, Ashley, Camille and Sarah, Reborn plays a wide range of repertoires from Jazz to R&B, Hip Hop to Reggae and not forgetting Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Spanish and even Hindi tunes. Nevertheless, their forte lies in R&B and Ballads, excelling in songs such as ‘Jai Ho’ and ‘When I Grow Up’ by the Pussycat Dolls, ‘Poker Face’ by Lady Gaga and ‘Nobody’ by Wonder Girls, a Korean band.

The group cites Beyonce, Shakira, Bryan Adams as well as groups like Black Eyed Peas and Earth, Wind and Fire as their favourites artistes.

Located at Level 10, The Monkey Bar is the happening fun pub in town, offering great live entertainment in a vibrant setting. A place to be and to be seen, unwind and let your hair down with its lively and energetic entertainment over our popular pizzas and exhilarating cocktails. Guests may also catch their favourite football team live on the large screen.

Stylish yet versatile, The Monkey Bar is also an ideal venue for a private get-together or even launching of products and services.

With a seating capacity of 140 persons, the opening hours are from 5PM to 1AM from Sundays to Thursdays and from 5PM to 2AM on Fridays and Saturdays. For reservations and more information, please contact The Monkey Bar at +6 03 4042 9888 (ext 1027) or email fb@legendsgroup.com.

  1. The band performing what kind of song? RnB song?

  2. Thank you for your great article. I also must say that your layout is a pleasure to view. Keep up the good work.

  1. December 23rd, 2009

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