Tak kebulur di Jalan TAR

Places to eat are scattered throughout the district, with stalls concentrated along Jalan Doraisamy near the Heritage Row and Jalan Raja Abdullah in Kampung Baru (for Malay food); Chinese coffeeshops along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and lanes off it, and Chow Kit; Indian in the Jalan Masjid India area; and upmarket restaurants on Heritage Row.

Jalan TAR

Jalan TAR


* Yut Kee, 35, Jalan Dang Wangi. Tel: +60-3-26988108 – A true KL establishment, this Chinese coffeeshop is famous for its Hainanese-style chicken chop and roti babi, pork sandwich.

* Kampung Baru is a Malay food haven at affordable prices. Non-touristy & in traditional kampung setting. Over 100 stalls available. Most are open 24 hours. LRT station : Kampung Baru, or Monorail station : Chow Kit. A popular spot, “La Cuisine” is a 24-hour food court offering a variety of local & western foods.

kmpg baru

kmpg baru

Mid range

* Coliseum Cafe and Bar, 98 Jln. Tuanku Abdul Rahman. A KL legend, this colonial-style hangout hasn’t changed its appearance or staff in over 80 years. Service is surly and the tablecloths could use a good wash, but their Western food, particularly the “sizzling” steaks on a hot plate (from RM35), is still one of the best deals in town. Also try a freshly mixed shandy (beer and lemonade, RM8) in the adjacent smoky bar.




Nightlife in this district is either of the partying variety at Heritage Row, as Jalan Doraisamy is now popularly known as, or the “hanging out at the Mamak stall” kind. As for the latter, Mamak stalls (stalls or food shops run by Indian Muslims) can be found everywhere but the most popular is actually just next to Heritage Row, nearer the intersection between Jalan Doraisamy and Jalan Dang Wangi.

Clubs and bars

* Bar SaVanh/Cochine,64, Jalan Doraisamy. Tel: +60-3-26971180.
* The Loft
* Cynna Bar

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