Ada apa dengan Jalan TAR?

Istana Budaya (National Theatre), Istana Budaya, Jalan Tun Razak, ☎ +603 4026-5555, Box Office: +603 4026-5558, [1]. Istana Budaya (meaning Palace of Culture) is home to the National Theatre and is equipped with cutting edge stage, sound and lighting equipment on par with the top theatres around the world. It host productions of both domestic and international origins. The building itself is a beautiful and a tourist attraction.

Istana Budaya

Istana Budaya

So what is there to do in Tuanku Abdul Rahman? Shop till you drop! Escape the heat in air conditioned malls and department stores, dine with people from around the world and haggle for the best deals on the streets.

Jalan Tuanku Adbul Rahman is lined with establish department stores, malls and shopping centers haggling is ok in most location but for the best deals find your way down the alleys to find a variety of goods and fantastic clothing.

Jalan TAR

Jalan TAR


* Masjid India Bazaar, Along Jln Melayu, Jln Masjid India. Daily. A covered bazaar stretching out from LRT Masjid Jamek towards Little India, quite similar in feel to the more famous Jalan Petaling but not as large or crowded — not necessarily a bad thing.

* Pasar Malam, Lorong Tuanku Abdul Rahman. 5PM – 10PM Saturday. This Saturday night market is an experience whether you are looking for a bargain, local products, or just an authentic Malaysian market experience.

Stores and malls

* Campbell Complex. Textiles.
* GS Gills, 9th Floor 106 Jalan Tuanku Adbul Rahman, ☎ +603 2698-3477. The top sporting goods distributes in Mayalsia, carrying all sorts of sporting equipment and attire.
* Pertama Complex (Jalan TAR). Opened in 1976 as Kuala Lumpur’s very first shopping mall, and still good for cheap shoes, leather ware and other knick-knacks.
* Sogo Shopping Complex, 190 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, ☎ +603 2698-2111, [2]. 10AM- 9:30PM Daily. The BIGGEST department store you will ever see, with 10 floors of shopping, dinning and entertainment. If you budget permits, you can shop here for everything from clothing to high-tech toys.
* The Mall, Jalan Raja Laut (parallel to Jalan TAR, opp Putra WTC).
* Wisma Shen.

pertama complex

pertama complex

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