Kayuh.. kayuh.. kayuh laju-laju

Hi there,

Yesterday I saw a 60-years-old man cycling around a park near my house, thus reminded me about an event called ‘Jelajah Malaysia 2008’. Although it’s a national event but the closing ceremony was held at Dataran Merdeka on 26th April 2009 in wet weather. The event took 13 months, can you imagine that? The truth is I didn’t know about the event even though it was yearly event till the event at Dataran Merdeka. I was around at that time and when I heard about the whole event, I really admired their mental and physical strength.

Here are some of the pictures I took at that time. Maybe one day I’ll join the competition. ^_^

Jelajah Malaysia 2008

Jelajah Malaysia 2008 but ended on 2009

Wow! great concentration there.

Jelajah Malaysia 2008

Jelajah Malaysia 2008 at Dataran Merdeka

I wish I have this kind of mental and physical strength. =p~

Jelajah Malaysia 2008

Jelajah Malaysia 2008

This is a really good and healthy event.

Jelajah Malaysia 2008

Some kind of side entertainment

Side entertainment ^_^

Jelajah Malaysia 2008

At the starting point.

Waaa..  looks so energetic.

Jelajah Malaysia 2008

When the gun was fired..

Go! Go! Go!

Jelajah Malaysia 2008

Seems very fast!

I think my speed is like turtle speed to them. ahahaha!

Jelajah Malaysia 2008

Also side entertainment ^_^


Jelajah Malaysia 2008

One of the champions

He is the champion for Stage Malaysian Individual Classification.

For more info, you can go to their page –> Jelajah Malaysia.

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