Raja Nong Chik is a good minister?

Like i said last time, everyone can become Federal Territories Minister but it’s hard to find a minister who is always thinking about people and country like Raja Nong Chik.

While browsing a few blogs like usual, I found this blog.


Maybe this is not the best way to show the readers how I appreciate a good minister, but at least I know (and now we know) how a small action from a good minister while he/she is thinking about the people and the country, will reflect back to how pure the intention is. I’m not overpraising here, coz we can read all the news about him around the internet and we can judge from that.

His website: http://rajanongchik.com/

His Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Raja-Nong-Chik/79189052061

<– Oh! I already put up the links.

Lets hope that our leaders are all like Raja Nong Chik, always thinking about the people and country.

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