Kuala Lumpur: we are blinded by money

If you are a regular customer at NST and often roaming around ‘streets’, you will find this article.


Streets mail: Inconsistent taxi fares a turn off for tourists


AS a regular visitor to Malaysia, I am completely baffled at the varying rates of taxi fares. Not only from the airport to the city and return, but also the fares to travel between Taman Maluri, the city centre and shopping areas.

I provide the following examples: RM67++ from KLIA to Swiss Garden Hotel but RM120++ for a return journey (both by coupon); and RM76++ from KLIA to a private address in Taman Maluri.

Taxi fares within the city vary greatly. I have become adept at assessing each taxi driver and their fare, and would alight from a taxi if I am not satisfied.

Due to the above, my visit to Malaysia had been spoilt by these non-regulated charges and my advice on returning home to family and friends would be to avoid Kuala Lumpur as a holiday destination.

These comments will do little to bolster the visitor numbers hoped for by the Tourism Minister, but unless action is taken, Kuala Lumpur’s loss will be the gain of other Asian cities.

Source: NST


For some of us, this is not a new story. I’m not calling for taxi drivers, as they won’t read blogs like us. But what we do everyday, also send some ‘vibration’ to others. If we are businessmen, we have products and customers. Same as taxi drivers. If we are politicians, we have services and the people. Same as taxi drivers. At some point, we should believe in karma. If we do bad things to other people, someone will do bad things to us. Also the same thing as the good deeds.

I often travel by taxis and some of us know how ‘bad’ they can be, and also how good the service is. Sometimes they charge us double  and the customers have no say in this. If we refuse, they won’t give their service. But sometimes they even waive one ringgit from our fare just because they don’t have enough change. So, lets be honest. We do our parts honestly and they will do their part honestly.

‘Ah, even if we do our jobs straightforward, no under table and what-so-ever, there’s no guarantee they won’t cheat.’

People do stuff by learning from other people. There has to be someone that they learn to do bad things. They read in the newspaper about politicians ‘give money’ illegally, they learn to do it their way. They heard from news in TV about businessmen got caught because they sell goods higher than the supposed-to-be price, so they mark-up they fare on their own. It’s not that they don’t learn the lesson from others, but they think, ‘if they can do it, why not me?’

Sometimes we just can’t think straight. Let us think as taxi drivers. People nowadays have their own cars. No need for taxis. So for a single person, lets charge a bit higher than usual. If most of the taxi drivers do that, even the tourist will get fed-up and it will becomes the reason why our tourism sector feel the pain.

So lets live peacefully and don’t let our lives driven by money. This is upsetting me, because I love Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysia.

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