Raja Nong Chik and MISBAN

Raja Nong Chik, our new Federal Territories Minister introduced the word “MISBAN” while giving a speech in the recent UMNO General Assembly.

What is MISBAN? MISBAN is Miskin Bandar, meaning the urban poor.

Raja Nong Chik cares about MISBAN (miskin bandar)

What says he, this Minister who even all 10 KL PR politicians don’t know jackall about?

This is his points:-

• There must be a mechanism to identify and address the urban poor (MISBAN) issue.
• Definition of MISBAN must be different from those of rural poor.
• That this is a critical issue for UMNO and BN.

His suggestions:-

• Business opportunities and employment opportunities must be widened and made easier.
• Address wisely issue of unlicensed roadside traders/hawkers.
• Reduce bureaucracy in areas of issuing licences.
• Increase trading spots.
• Help unlicensed hawkers get license – don’t punish them.
• Training and work placement for unemployed graduates and retrenched workers – Govt to provide grant for companies for these efforts.
• Build more low and medium-cost housing in inner cities – make ownership easier.

Raja Nong Chik prihatin kepada MISBAN (miskin bandar)

These are all honourable suggestions and now Dato’ is FT Minister, we hope he really work to achieve this.

We are with you Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin!

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